Washing Machine

written by Andrew Lewis on March 15, 2012 in Field Recording and Sound Design with no comments

Wherever I’m living, I always end up drawn to recording the sound of the washing machine at some point! They often end up sounding pretty powerful when going full tilt on the spin cycles so of course I’d find it cool to record and mess about with ;)

I love how changing the pitch and tempo of sounds can make them sound completely other worldy, and this recording I thought would make a great example. The noisy, clanging, rhythmic nature of it worked well when slowed to form some kind of ominous almost underwater-esque machine. Slowing it down even further, then adding the first slowed down version gave it a cool syncopated feel giving it bit more life.

I ended up with something that I thought could make quite a good layer for a large mechanical lumbering engine!

Pretty bass heavy so best listened on headphones or speakers ;)

Anyway, feel free to download and leave comments!