New Sound Library Released!

written by Andrew Lewis on November 6, 2012 in Bournemouth Air Show and Field Recording with no comments

It’s been a bit of a long time coming, but I’ve finally got around to it…

During the Bournemouth Air Festival August 2011, I had the pleasure of spending a warm summer weekend recording a variety of vintage and popular aircraft from a cliff top vantage point overlooking the beach. Air displays featuring the Red Arrows, RAF Tornado jet fighter, Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft, and many more were freely available to watch for the whole weekend.

This being one of the most popular events of the year on the South Coast of England meant getting a good position to record free from extraneous noise was also going to be a challenge! To make matters harder a temporary tannoy PA system was erected along the coastal road which made it difficult to escape the live commentary! Luckily, I found a spot which gave a bit of a break in the PA system and I hoped the noise of the planes would drown out any spill, which for the most part it did ;)

Bournemouth Air Show 2011

With a mixture of propeller and jet engine aircraft I had the chance to capture some fantastic pass-by’s which I caught in 96kHz/24bit glory via a Nagra LB sound recorder and Sennheiser MKH-418S stereo shotgun microphone.

  • 40 professionally recorded aircraft delivered in 1 zip file

  • Soundminer metadata, PDF, XLS and text data included

  • Secure payment via

  • Instant download

  • Only $20!!

For a full track listing please download the text, pdf or spreadsheet files.
Zip file size 397mb.