Death of a MiniDisc Player

written by Andrew Lewis on November 20, 2012 in Field Recording and Sound Design with 2 comments

MiniDisc players. Remember those? My first ‘field’ recording kit consisted of a Sony MZ-R909 and a Sony ECM-MS907 microphone. Happy days! I’ve got a few old discs lying around full of random sound recordings I made back then. Shame I don’t have anything to play them on any more! One or two might have actually been worth keeping..

The Player sadly decided that it was bored of a life playing MiniDisc media, and opted for an existence of making unhealthy metallic chirping and whirring sounds instead.

Could be quite useful as a sweetener or two for designing ‘computery’ type sounds.

Anyway, feel free to download and use if you think they’d be useful. Recorded at 44.1/16.